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Rocky Mountains of Banff for all the lovers of snow

On the off chance that you like nature, walking and chocolate then you’ll cherish Joel Hagen and Nadine Fletcher from Great Divide Nature Interpretation who compose guided walks in the Rocky Mountains close to Banff in Canada.

They’ve hit upon the enlivened thought of arranging deciphered climbs to some of Banff National Parks most marvelous survey focuses then concocting a chocolate fondue presented with new natural product for their visitors when they find a good pace.

I joined Joel on the Castle Mountain Lookout trail, a seven kilometer (four mile) walk rising 500 meters (1,640 feet), and compassionately consented to convey a portion of the organic product to relieve Joel’s burden and assist me with consuming off a couple of additional calories fully expecting my chocolate fondue lunch.

On the path we:

  • talked and discussed the wild bears and mountain bear we’d spotted on the drive from Lake Louise to the path head;
  • saw brilliant mantled ground squirrels hustling for nourishment;
  • discovered that mountain bears have an enormous trapezium muscle which makes the particular protuberance behind their neck and can run as quick as a race horse;
  • heard that mountain bears have an alternate paw structure from grizzlies so they aren’t such acceptable diggers;
  • considered the wonders of present day science and research on bear scat (otherwise known as crap) which has demonstrated that bears can eat 200,000 berries each day;
  • respected the Calypso orchids, one of the primary wild spring blossoms to sprout on the Rocky Mountains which are well known with honey bees;
  • contemplated how we can adjust the human want to see natural life and the requirements of untamed life to be wild and safe from human mediation;
  • discovered that male bears can weigh practically 700lbs and females 225lbs;
  • smelt purple juniper berries which are utilized to enhance gin;
  • savored the dazzling perspectives from the post;
  • watched Joel slave away setting up our chocolate fondue while we modeled for photographs;
  • devoured crisp organic product in hot cocoa sauce while respecting fabulous perspectives on the Rocky Mountains.

Discover increasingly about guided walks in the Rocky Mountains around Banff

Extraordinary Divide Nature Interpretation offer a scope of guided walks in the Rocky Mountains around Banff or can compose custom fitted visits to suit your desires.

Look at their site here to discover more or book a guided walk. Yet, ensure you get the chocolate fondue. It’s perfect, particularly with new raspberries.

What’s not to adore about a guided walk in Banff? Nothing by any stretch of the imagination.

Life doesn’t smack taking a long climb through staggering characteristic environmental factors with a hot cocoa fondue toward its finish. Particularly on the off chance that another person is cooking it.